Falling Grace by S. Swallow 

Item 7 D.I.T. by S. Swallow

more tracks coming soon !

Tomorrow's Passage by P. Petrucci

Midnight Mourning by J. Oehlers

This Way Out by P. Petrucci

James by Metheny/Mays 

Wee by D. Best

Side Car by M. Davis

Soul Illusions by P. Petrucci

Blue Reflection by Petrucci/Anning/Jones

from within

2002 - move records

Have You Meet Miss Jones by Rodgers & Hart

True Findings by P. Petrucci

Peace by H. Silver

Quiet by T. Gould

You Don't Know What Love Is by Raye/Depaul

Valse by Claus Ogerman (based on a theme by J.S. Bach)

Different Place, Different Space by P. Petrucci

From Within Part I by Gould/Petrucci

From Within Part II by Gould/Petrucci

From Within Part III by Gould/Petrucci

Coral by K. Jarrett

Palhaco by E. Gismonti

Bye Bye Baby by J. Styne

Message From The Past by P. Petrucci

New Things, and That by P. Petrucci

There Comes a Time by P. Petrucci

Giant Steps by J. Coltrane

Forwarding Years by P. Petrucci

Angels Eyes by Dennis/Brent

Window of Reason by P. Petrucci

Daydream by P. Petrucci


The Journey Home

2012 - Which Way Music

For All We Know by Coots & Lewis

The View From Here by T. Gould

Heritage by T. Gould

The Journey Home by P. Petrucci

Next Time I See Her by T. Gould

Here's One For You by P. Petrucci

To a Friend by P. Petrucci

The First Day of Spring by T. Gould

On Your Way by P. Petrucci

The Trip by T. Gould

Emmanuel by M. Colombier

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